Cleartone CM-7000 AX CM-7500 programming manuals datasheets


Remember, like most radio programming software you need a very slow machine 386/486 and it will need to be running DOS and also to program CM-7000X you will need to earth pin 7 of the microphone.

Listed here:

But remember that this will ONLY work on later versions of the set. Earlier ones can be programmed via a keypad or via an expensive handheld programmer.

I am at the moment working on a way to read the on-board EEPROM and program it directly while still being on the motherboard – details to follow (all being well)

I am also working on direct connection to the PLL.

2 thoughts on “Cleartone

  1. Hi
    I am trying to program 2 x Cleartone cm7000 x 1 base station.
    When I plug the PM300 into the microphone socket I have the code P3-504 displayed.
    The tones start but the display goes blank. The key pad locks.
    Is this because there is no firmware on the EPROM?
    Do you have a copy of P3 -504 that you could email me please?

    Kind regards
    Mike G4YRV

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